Symposium on Ethical Consumption 2018

Each year WUSC local committees across Canada hold a symposium on a topic of global significance during International Development week in February. This is one of the largest events that the WUSC Queen’s local committee organizes, and it is completely free for all those who attend. Featuring guest speakers from a range of backgrounds and experiences, this year the symposium topic was on ethical consumption, and focused on global food production, the realities of organic farming, as well as a more in-depth look at how the on-campus business The Tea Room incorporates ethical goals into their business model. The symposium aims to increase campus and community awareness of these important issues and stresses how every one of us can make a difference through small changes in our everyday habits. This past year we had over 40 attendees at the event, and hope to see even more come out next year!

Before the symposium, we asked our volunteers to describe how they consume ethically and what ethical consumption means to them:

Photos from the 2018 Symposium on Ethical Consumption:

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