From its inception, WUSC has been a leading organization in building a better world by empowering and supporting youth to create innovative solutions to development challenges. Following World War I, WUSC was founded by university students and faculty who saw that they could make a difference in other people’s lives by taking collective action by building capacity through education and the exchange of knowledge and skills.

In 1948, WUSC launched the first International Seminar*, providing students in Canada and around the world with an opportunity to engage in cross-cultural exchanges of knowledge, culture and skills.

In 1978, when the Canadian government established the PSRP (Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program), WUSC became an official SAH (Sponsorship Agreement Holder) and the Student Refugee Program was born.

Queen’s University has been a proud partner with WUSC and supported students through the Student Refugee Program since 1980.


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